environment · 07. May 2019
I attended a workshop last year to learn about the use of social media and marketing in business (defs haven't put my knowledge to use yet!) We all had to stand up and talk about our business and what our goals were. When I started talking about palm oil and how I wanted to make ethical chocolate bars, I was met with blank stares, followed by questions; What's palm oil? What does it have to do with chocolate? How is chocolate not ethical? I hope this answers those questions.
13. January 2019
Well it's official! We spent our first Christmas in our new unit and we have finally completely moved out of the parents' kitchen. They are thrilled! It took us nearly three months to get it to a place where we could safely work, without the worry of plaster, paint and spiders becoming a feature in our chocolate bars.
24. December 2018
We will be closed from Friday 21st December 2018 until Friday 11th January 2019. We would like to wish all of our customers a Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for all of your support over the past 12 months. We look forward to making and sharing more delicious chocolate in the New Year!
16. August 2018
How it all began - turning a hobby into a business.